DLD Client Testimonials

 We know each of our clients personally

DLD helps its clients to achieve long-term financial growth through combining proven financial tools that are tailored to your specific financial situation. Our team consists only of caring and personable individuals that know each of their clients personally and we take a personal interest in them. You will note that each of our testimonials is signed by an actual client with their full name attached. Before dealing with us, we would be happy to provide you with additional client references who you can contact to discover this for yourself.


Partner at The Deetkan Group

“Dave has been my financial adviser for 15 years. He continues to impress me with his knowledge and expertise when providing financial advice. He takes the time to understand my long-term objectives and create a comprehensive financial plan that delivers results. He is reliable, hard-working, and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Dave to anyone looking for an advisor they can trust.”


Partner at Lawrenson Walker Realty Advisors Ltd.

“After I started my business eight years ago, I was faced with a challenge with respect to my financial planner who I had been working with for many years before. I needed to find a planner who could help me invest the retained earnings in my company and DLD was strongly recommended to me by another colleague. Working with Dave has given me peace of mind because I now have confidence that my finances are being well taken care of. Dave treats my finances in the same way he would his own, which is key for me. Thanks to everyone at DLD for making this one of the best financial decisions I’ve made as a small business owner. ”


Partner, Tevlin Gleadle Curtis Employment Law Strategies

“Kelly Ho is invaluable to me and my family. As a busy professional it is too easy to focus on work and forget about the bigger picture. Kelly has taken me from a high-earner without much to show for it to a guy with a solid financial plan, now and going forward. She provides sound, personalized and practical advice tailored specifically to my needs and the needs of my family. I have recommended Kelly to many of my friends and have received nothing but positive feedback from them as well. I unhesitatingly give anyone looking for a financial planner my strongest possible recommendation that they should seek her advice.”


Artist at Blackbird Interactive

“Kelly has played an integral role in building my personal financial well-being over the past 10 years. Through the ups and downs of my career she has always offered sound advice with the clients’ personal interest in mind. I would highly recommend her services to others as she is knowledgeable, friendly and an expert in her field.”



“Kelly Ho is a great financial planner. She is able to provide a variety of possible avenues for saving or investing, and can break down complex financial structures into easily digestible pieces to understand. As a result, I have always felt comfortable sitting down with Kelly, because she listens and moves with me, introducing concepts at a pace that is neither too fast nor slow. Her professionalism and strong ethics shine through along with her friendly, open manner.

One thing that I particularly appreciate about Kelly is her ability to respond to sudden changes. When I was going through a transitional phase, she adjusted my plans so I had sufficient access to liquidity while ensuring that key investments were not being ignored. She also stayed in regular contact with me so that she could further vary my contributions if necessary. In doing this, she helped give me peace of mind, allowing me to focus on other key tasks at hand.

For any professional thinking of setting up an introductory meeting with Kelly, I would wholeheartedly recommend doing so.”


Vice President – Edelman Public Relations

“I’ve been working with Kelly since 2008, and have nothing but good things to say about her as my financial advisor. During this time, my career has advanced significantly; Kelly has been a thoughtful and engaged partner in helping me reach my financial goals through all stages of my career.

When we started working together I struggled with basic money management and had no planning or process in place. Kelly helped to build a structure that worked for me in achieving short and long-term goals, and she introduced simple tactics that made managing day-to-day finances easy and – dare I say it? – kind of fun. She explains finances in an approachable and understandable manner, and I can say from evidence that her counsel is the single most significant factor in my ability to achieve my financial goals and protect against risk. I would recommend her to any young professional looking to plan for a lifetime of financial success!”


CA, Partner – Guild, Yule & Company LLP Barristers & Solicitors

“I am very grateful to have met Dave and hired DLD Financial to provide me with creative financial planning ideas. The step by step process that DLD uses has enabled me to allocate money where it best suits my needs and goals. I feel confident about my future knowing that my finances are in line without having to sacrifice my current lifestyle.”


CA, Partner – Strategex Group Chartered Accountants & Management Consultants

“The partners at Strategex Group value the relationship with DLD. The two companies share a common philosophy of providing excellent customer service and a desire for creative innovative and custom tailored strategies for our clients. We are extremely appreciative of the high level of professionalism that Dave and his team provide. We look forward to maintaining and further developing our business relationship with DLD.”


Lawyer, Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP

“I have been working with Kelly for 5 years now. Kelly is unique among the financial advisors that I have met. Her willingness to take such a comprehensive approach, including not just wealth management but also budgeting. Kelly takes a genuine interest in my life, is always even keeled, focused on how to achieve long term goals and willing to take the time needed to answer my questions, even the hard questions. Kelly’s caring, genuine and knowledgeable approach gives me the assurance to know that my money is in good hands and that we will reach the goals we have set. That peace of mind is invaluable.”


Owner, Golden Gears Ltd.

“As the owner of a business that fabricates precision gears, I know the importance of paying attention to all the details. Kelly Ho of DLD Financial understands this concept. Kelly has provided me with a comprehensive financial plan and she has always been a pleasure to deal with. I would not hesitate to refer other people who need financial planning advice to Kelly.”


CA, President – Chase Management Ltd.

“Dave’s intuitive and innovative advice has allowed me to implement different and successful approaches to my personal and corporate finances. I appreciate the high level of service, level of commitment, and the regular reviews. I would recommend Dave and his team to friends and family without hesitation.”

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