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Ensuring Sustainable, Long Term Financial Growth

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We tailor our services to professionals and business owners with a high net-worth and/or income who seek comprehensive strategies for securing their financial future. Relationships are the core foundation of our business, so DLD Financial goes the extra mile to understand each client's aspirations and life goals. That is why every financial plan we craft is as unique as each of our clients.


We help you attain the good life, so you can focus on living it.


Our core competency is financial planning whereby we create acomprehensive and customized financial plan tailored for you. An effective financial plan must start with a solid foundation. As a result, we start by learning all about your existing allocation of assets (both financial and nonfinancial), your tax deductible and non-tax deductible debt, your insurance coverage, and your free cash flow.

Concurrently, we learn what your financial objectives are and assist you in ensuring that these objectives are realistic and achievable. We also assess your true financial risk tolerance. Twelve years in the business has taught us that most people's financial risk tolerance is not defined by completing a form which ranks risk tolerance on a scale of 1 to 10!

Finally, we take your current financial snapshot and devise a financial plan that will achieve your goals using reasonable assumptions on the amount of time it will take and the compounded rate of return that you will need to reach your goals.


With our commitment to ensuring sustainable, long term financial growth, our services continually evolve and adjust to fit the needs of your changing aspirations and life-goals.

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After Dave clearly explained the difference between insuring my mortgage and insuring my life I was surprised by what my bank had sold me.
I now realize insurance should be purchased from a professional." ~ Paul P.
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