GLC 2020 Mid-Year Capital Market Outlook: Too Far, Too Fast?

GLC 2020 Mid-Year Capital Market Outlook: Too Far, Too Fast, July 14 2020 Webinar Recording – Investing During Volatile Times, Upcoming Critical Illness Insurance Webinar,  New DLD Staff

We’re moving forward. Society and the economy are encouragingly adapting to COVID-19. But is it enough to justify the extent of the April to June equity market rebound? We don’t think so.

Our view is to make sure you stay on course as your portfolios have been allocated properly based on your individual time horizons and risk profiles. It’s important to remember that volatility also presents opportunity.

Source: Brent Joyce – GLC Asset Management


July 14, 2020 DLD Webinar: Investing During Volatile Times

In case you were unable to join us, here is the link to our most recent webinar with special guest Timothy Ho, CFA. Timothy provides a market update along with the differences between COVID-19 and the Financial Crisis in 2008. Timothy also talks about our unique model portfolios we use for your investments and how they were built to withstand the volatility we’ve been experiencing and will likely continue to experience in the coming months.

Critical Illness Insurance

Upcoming Critical Illness Insurance Webinar – August / September 2020

We noticed that since the COVID-19 pandemic was formally declared in March around the world, most people we know have become more conscientious about their health and overall physical well-being. We thought it would be helpful to put the information below onto your radar.

Does it make more financial sense to use your money or insurance claim money in the event of a critical illness diagnosis? One can definitely use their own money to cover unexpected expenses but spending your own money can negatively affect your retirement and investment goals – consider incorporating a plan where you can either claim or get your money back if you don’t claim. It is important to understand that critical illness insurance pays based on diagnosis – not your ability to do your job. Critical illness insurance when incorporated into a plan can help ensure that your financial plan is fully protected and self-completing in the event of a catastrophic illness prognosis. For those who have a corporate structure, a payout translates into preventing disruption to your cash-flow and also provides a produent alternative to having access to your corporate investments at a less than ideal time when the business is already impacted by your critical illness.

Best Doctors is built into critical illness insurance policies and this service can be accessed by a spouse, children, parents and in-laws of the insured in order to provide them with a world class second medical opinion opportunity. A claim does not need to be made in order to use the service and Best Doctors can be used for any medical condition or inquiry.

Source: Canada Life

New DLD Staff

New DLD Staff!

This is what our team meeting looks like these days!  We want to take this opportunity to introduce you to our 2 newest associates, Jasmeen Kaur and Anna Liu. We would also like to take this opportunity at this time to thank Chantel Mattu for her many years of excellent services as she returns to the world of academia to pursue the next step in her educational journey.

Jasmeen will now be working closely with Dave and can be reached at for any service help.

Anna can be reached at and she will be supporting Ryan as well as providing administrative support to the Employee Benefits arm of our firm.

We hope you find this information helpful and please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or if there’s anything we can do to help.

Thank you for your time, stay safe and have a great summer.
Dave, Kelly and Ryan