Market sell-off put in perspective

DLD Quarterly Money Thoughts (February 2018) includes Market sell-off put in perspective: GLC’s portfolio managers share their views and positioning
GLC’s portfolio managers share their views and positioning

High flying stock markets began to roll over late in January and sold-off sharply Monday afternoon, February 5, 2018. Fast-paced market corrections can understandably cause anxiety, especially when news reports call out dramatic figures and facts. While not unusual, market corrections cause us all to re-check our facts and assumptions about our investments. So, we asked a few of GLC’s lead portfolio managers and Chief Investment Strategist to share their thoughts on the recent market sell-off and how they are responding to it.

Bottom line: What should investors do? Market corrections are uncomfortable, but we caution investors against emotional reactions that take them away from their well-balanced and risk aligned investment plans. Likewise, GLC’s portfolio management and investment teams don’t abandon their well-thought-out investment strategies. Rather their value increases during times of market volatility in the ability to capitalize on market opportunities.

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