Highlights from Meeting with Jonathan Wilkinson

DLD Quarterly Money Thoughts (October 2018) includes: Highlights from Meeting with Jonathan Wilkinson – MP for North Vancouver , Second Opinion Service and E-Statements NOW AVAILABLE!

Highlights from Meeting with Jonathan Wilkinson – MP for North Vancouver. As a member of the CALU  government relations committee, Dave discussed the lobbying efforts CALU has made to review the effects of the tax changes implemented earlier this year for business owners and employees.The following pro-forma was reviewed with Mr. Wilkinson: PDF

Further consultation will be sought in Ottawa in May 2019 with the Minister of Finance to discuss the effects of the 2018 Corporate Tax Changes (see below article).


Second Opinion Service

This year, we developed this service to benefit your colleagues, friends and family to help them confirm if they are on track to meet their financial goals. In our experience, we found that many people have invested in a host of financial products, often with different institutions and usually, these assets are not working in conjunction with each other.  Furthermore, there is rarely a written plan in place that takes all assets, liabilities, expenses and incomes into consideration. While any accumulation of assets is a great achievement, it is beneficial to organize the various assets into a full plan. We’ve found that most financial firms are pleased to sell products but few offer true financial planning.

Please feel free to email the following link to anyone whom you feel would benefit from this service: dldfinancial.com/second-opinion-service

DLD Financial e-statements for your investments


The wait is over! To access e-statements for your investments, you must have Investment Summary Access to opt-in to view your statements online. For those of you who already have Investment Summary access, you will have already received a notification to sign up for paperless statements. Once signed up, you will receive an email notification when new statements are available and ready to download. The electronic statement will arrive in the new “Documents” tab. Statements will automatically generate and arrive in that tab two weeks after the end of each quarter.

Don’t have Investment Summary access? Please contact Chantel (info@dldfinancial.com) or Linda (linda@dldfinancial.com) to get set-up.