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DLD Quarterly Money Thoughts (October 2022) includes JP Morgan Webinar – Capital Market Update and ESG Investing (Expert featured on BNN, Bloomberg and CNBC), Market volatility continues in 2022 – Keep calm and Carry on, We have another CFP at DLD!, DLD in the Media: One of the 20% in Canada – FORUM Magazine and Money Matters article in ELLE Canada Magaine

JP Morgan Webinar – Capital Market Update and ESG Investing

On Monday, September 26, 2022 – we hosted 2 fantastic speakers from JP Morgan – Jack Manley and David Brown. Based in NYC, Jack Manley is a frequent guest on CNBC, Bloomberg and BNN. Jack provided a comprehensive capital market update on the current market volatility. We encourage you to tune in for the first 30 minutes for this segment. David Brown provided insight on how JP Morgan implements ESG (Environmental Social Governance) mandates.


Market volatility continues in 2022 – Keep calm and Carry on

Markets have been heading in the wrong direction this year and it doesn’t help when bad news keep getting highlighted in the media. Every market downturn is a test of patience as we have not altered our recommendations. We continue to recommend investing into the market when lump-sum funds are available and to continue to dollar cost average into the market. The good news is – history tells us that for every market downturn, there is always a remarkable recovery in the future but it takes pullbacks to get to the next level.

DLD Money Thoughts

There will always be reasons why markets may be uncertain due to economic, financial and political factors: We can complete 2022 with the War in Ukraine and inflation.

DLD Money Thoughts

Source: RBC Global Asset Management

Most events have a short-term impact (although it feels like an eternity while it’s happening) on the markets. Sticking to your long-term comprehensive financial plan, being diversified and investing on a regular basis will help you remain focused. We’ve been reviewing each of your portfolios in comparison to indices – although performance is still negative, the goal is to be less negative.

Please keep this in mind as you receive your quarterly statements ending September 30, 2022.

DLD in the Media

Last month, Kelly Ho was featured in our industry magazine – FORUM talking about the need for more female financial advisors to serve Canadians and how to reduce the barriers to entry. And we can’t believe we’re saying this but we’re in ELLE Canada! Check out Kelly Ho’s comments in the October 2022 issue in the Money Matters article – Get your finances in order with a deep-dive tune-up. Click below to read full articles:

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Ryan Stanimir is now a CFP Professional!

Ryan S.

Big congratulations to our very own Ryan Stanimir on receiving his CFP Professional designation this year. We pride ourselves in running our firm and practices in accordance with FP Canada’s CFP Code of Ethics.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or if there’s anything we can do to help.

Thank you for your time.
Dave, Kelly and Ryan