RRSP Deadline for 2016

DLD Quarterly Money Thoughts (January 2017) includes RRSP Contribution Deadline for 2016 Tax Year and CRM2.

Please note all RRSP contributions must be submitted to us by March 1, 2017 to receive your tax receipt for your 2016 taxes.

Please contact Dave or Kelly if you have any questions about your specific situation.

CRM 2 (Client Relationship Model Phase 2)

You may have come across the term CRM 2 (Client Relationship Model Phase 2) through several media outlets so we wanted to provide you with information on what it is:

What is CRM2?

CRM2 is aimed at helping Canadians get the information they need to make informed investment decisions. It will provide transparency to investors and help ensure they receive timely, easy-to-understand information about the cost and performance of their investments.

Does CRM2 apply to banks?

Yes. CRM2 applies to all mutual fund dealers, including those associated with Canadian banks (i.e., clients pay trailer fees on those funds as well). It also applies to companies selling securities. All will have to disclose fees.

Here is a video that will help you navigate your statements from the mutual fund dealer Quadrus:

(Please note that CRM2 does not apply to segregated funds at this time)

If you have any questions, please contact Dave or Kelly.