Client update on COVID-19 and DLD Office Procedures

Client update on COVID-19 and DLD Office Procedures – March 17, 2020

We hope that you and your family are safe and well during this stressful time.

In this ever-evolving landscape created by the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), we wanted to reach out to you to reassure you that the health and safety of all of our associates, clients and the greater community remains our first priority.

Here are some useful links to keep you informed of the most current news about the COVID-19 pandemic:

Here at DLD Financial Group Ltd., the core of our business are our clients – we’re a people business. It is very important to us that you know how we are preparing our firm during this time. To ensure that we keep our staff, planners and clients safe, we are implementing a work-remote policy until further notice.

It is extremely important to us to help reduce the potential community spread of the virus and hopefully lessen the burden on our healthcare system.

This includes abiding to the recommendation of social distancing. We are committed to ensuring that we continue to meet our client service commitments so services can be provided via phone, video conference and email as we continue to do our best to minimize any possible disruptions.

At this time, we will not be conducting any in-person meetings so if you already have a meeting scheduled, we will be reaching out to you individually to change the meeting to virtual or reschedule for a later time. 

We hope this provides you with confidence in our commitment to our clients while keeping our staff and communities safe.

Market Update

On another note, we also wanted to provide some commentary on the market data we have available as of February 29, 2020 (we will have the March data in mid-April) to demonstrate the value of active management we employ with your investment portfolios. Using an equivalent index portfolio of 33% S&P TSX Composite, 42% S&P 500, 18% Euro Stoxx 50 and 7% cash dropped an average of 7.25% (E&OE) and our mutual fund model portfolio dropped about 5.03% (E&OE) – a 30% difference. We look forward to the March data to be able to make another comparison. Also, we want to reassure you that whole life insurance cash-values remain vested and has not dropped in value as a result of the market volatility we’ve been experiencing so if you need to access the cash-values in your policies, please let us know and we will assist.

Source: Index returns – GLC Asset Management

We have also sent out a couple of newsletters in the last 2 weeks to keep you informed of what’s going on in the financial markets – here is a link to the newsletters on our website:

We want to reiterate that despite the difficult situation we are all dealing with, it’s important to remember that volatile markets present themselves with significant opportunities for long-term investments. Please let us know  if you would like to discuss further on how this applies to you. For those of you who are nearing retirement, please know that your portfolios have been positioned in accordance to your individual risk profile and time horizon but do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Lastly, we are committed to your well-being and success so do not hesitate to get in touch if there’s anything we can do to help and most importantly, stay safe and healthy.

Thank you for your time.