Second Opinion Service

Confirming you are on track to meet financial values and goals

In our firm’s 21 years of financial planning, we have found that many people have invested in a host of financial products often with different institutions. Usually, these assets are not managed in conjunction with each other. Furthermore, there is rarely a written plan in place that takes all assets, liabilities, expenses and incomes into consideration.

While any accumulation of assets is a great achievement, it is beneficial to organize the various assets into a full plan. In our experience, most financial firms are pleased to sell products but few can offer authentic financial planning.


In specific situations, DLD Financial Group Ltd. provides a Second Opinion Service which is a no-obligation offer to review an individual’s assets, existing financial plan and incorporate them into a cohesive plan. This plan takes into account all sources of income, expenses, and liabilities. This is a valuable process for prospective clients who are looking for a new planner.

This is a 2-step process to provide a general idea on whether the prospective clients are on the right track and we show this via a tailor-made financial plan designed to effectively meet specific financial goals.

We look forward to exploring the opportunities that our Second Opinion Service may provide your family, friends and colleagues.

The Snapshot™

The Snapshot Meeting is our first opportunity to examine your current situation and explore where you see yourself in 5 years professionally, personally, and financially.

The Strategy Developer™

The Strategy Developer Meeting gives us a chance to look at which comprehensive written financial plan best suits your priorities, and decide how best to meet your goals in the four cornerstones of financial planning.

Appropriate and consistent investment discipline


Designing and managing effective investment management programs are difficult and time consuming. That’s why DLD Financial Group Ltd. offers properly designed portfolios that help ensure clients’ accounts have an appropriate and consistent investment discipline. Contact us to learn more about our Second Opinion Service, or to hear what real DLD clients have to say, read our testimonials.

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